• House of Dragon at HBO

  • Game of Thrones at HBO

  • Will at TNT

  • FlashForward at ABC

  • Jumper at Regency and Fox

  • The Long Night at HBO (pilot)


  • Ringworld with Amazon

  • Wild Cards with UCP

  • Riverworld with Amazon

  • Dark Winds with HBO

  • Ice Dragon with Warner Bros

  • The Host with WIIP

  • Eon with MWM

  • Moon is a Harsh Mistress with Gaumont

  • The Mars Trilogy with Amazon

  • Demon Princes with Vulcan

  • Pinkman with Stampede

  • Myth Adventures with Skybound

  • A Song of Ice and Fire with The Works

  • The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag with Phoenix

  • Book of Swords with Legendary

  • Sandkings with Netflix

  • Honor Harrington with Radar

  • Passengers with Groundswell

  • Inconstant Moon with Fox

  • Dry with Bruce Cohen Productions | MML

  • Hawksbill Station with First Generation

  • Stainless Steel Rat with Warner Bros

  • Dayworld with Warner Bros.

  • Dimitri Vegas' FaceTime with Stampede

  • Thug with Reliance

  • Roadmarks with HBO


A library-driven development and production company imagining, discovering, developing, designing, packaging, selling, shepherding, producing and in all ways optimizing high-end entertainment content with a general emphasis on world-building IP.  We strive to identify the most wondrous worlds and tales from creators of science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction to bring them to you.  


Our goal is to keep raising the bar, domestically and internationally, and to stay a step or three ahead of the competition, to service audiences with content that stretches proven limits. 


Imagination + work ethic.  

Vision + courage.  

We like freshness + extremes.  

Because we know that audiences do too.  

World Builders + Planet Killers




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