Who are we?

We are an ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY seeking to develop high end media properties, with a focus in science fiction and fantasy.
That's the straight scoop.
Really though...

we're a badass entertainment vehicle on race tracks from other worlds.

Our Idea room

Our intellectual property ideas are gathered from all over the world, and funneled into our bleeding edge idea womb. After an appropriate gestation period, they're birthed into a variety of modern media channels.

What we do

We seek, create,develop, incubate, package, sell, promote and produce the best TV shows that we can get our grimy hands on.

why we do it

Because we're geeks too!
And we believe that imagination deserves its best expression.

Our Startling Creations

Game of Thrones

We work closely with George RR Martin and the crew of HBO to continue bringing this epic fantasy series to you.

And in the oven...

  • A planet killing TV series
  • A comic book or two or three
  • A world building movie script


Calle San Francisco
San Juan, Puerto Rico


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